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        How to use and maintain the feed mill

        How to use and maintain the feed mill
        The correct use of the feed mill

            1, shredders long-term job, should be fixed in the concrete base. Constantly changing workplace, shredders and electric motor to be installed in the base made with angle iron grinder with diesel engine for power, so that the two power match, diesel power is slightly larger than the grinder power, and two by the same pulley groove, the the pulley outer end surface on the same plane.

            2, grinder after installation check fastening ministries fasteners, if loose shall be tighten.

            3, it is appropriate to check the tightness of the pulley belt motor axis and grinder shaft is parallel.

            4, grinder before the start of the first turn the rotor by hand, check teeth claw hammer and the rotor is flexible and reliable operation, whether the collision shell rotor rotation direction of the arrow on whether the machine, the motor and grinder good lubricating whether.

            5, it should not replace the pulley, to prevent excessive speed grinding chamber explosion, or the speed is too low to affect the efficiency.

            6 grinder started first idling for 2-3 minutes no anomalies before feeding. May not be mixed with raw iron and gravel and other debris.

            7, work and pay attention to operation of the shredder feeding should be uniform to prevent blocking boring car, do not overload for a long time. Found by vibration, noise, bearing and body temperature is too high, out spray material phenomenon should immediately stop checking, troubleshooting before continuing work.

            8, operators do not wear gloves, feeding should be standing on the grinder side, to prevent debris the rebound injured facial.

            The 9, clogging, non-hand wooden sticks of forcibly feeding or prolapse feed.

            10, the end of the work should be empty running 2-3 minutes, stop the grinder and fan only after the machine materials be completely ruled out.

        Second, the pulverizer maintenance

            1, the mesh for the repair and replacement. The mesh is made of a thin steel plate or sheet punching. When the screen abrasion or foreign body breakdown, if the damaged area is not available Maohan repair; extensive damage should be replaced with a new sieve. Install new sieve, sieve with a burr in the side towards the glossy outwards, sieve and sieve frame to paste together closely. Ring sieve sieve in the installation, the overlap in the stubble along the direction of rotation to prevent the material stuck in the lap joints.

            2, bearing lubrication and replacement. Bearings should be cleaned after the shredder every work 300 hours. If the bearing oil lubrication, add new oil to fill the bearing housing gap of 1/3 is appropriate, up to no more than 1/2, before the job simply will often cover type oil cup lid is tightened a little can. Grinder bearings badly worn or damaged, it should be promptly replaced, and pay attention to strengthening lubrication; bearing axial clearance should be careful to check the use of tapered roller bearings, to keep it 0.2-0.4 mm, if not increase or decrease The bearing caps Department pad of paper to adjust.

            3, the teeth claw hammer replacement. Grinder parts, grinding teeth claw hammer wearing parts in the feed mill, and also the impact crushed the main components of quality and productivity. Grinding teeth claw hammer wear should be promptly replaced. Tooth claw mill replacement teeth claw, pull out the first disc. Pulled out before the first round nut locking plate to open the disc back of hook spanner unscrew the round nut, pull out the disc and then dedicated Shiraz. In order to ensure the rotor running balance, change tooth claw should pay attention to the complete replacement of the change should be done after static balance test, in order to make the grinder work stable. Tooth claw assembly, be sure to tighten the nut and spring washer Remember not to leave. Change the teeth should select qualified parts, single tooth claw weight should be not more than 1-1.5 grams.

            Hammer mill hammer some symmetric cusp blunt hammer, front and back angle adjustment; wear one end corners have, you should turn around and use. Recliner or a U-turn when all hammer the same time, the four corners of the hammer wear, you should replace all and pay attention to the difference in weight Each hammer nor greater than 5 g; spindle, disc, locating bush pin, hammer installed, you should do static balance test in order to maintain the balance of the rotor to prevent the unit vibration. In addition, the fixed hammer the pin and install pin round hole due to wear, the pin will gradually grinded round hole will gradually grinding large pin diameter of 1 millimeter smaller than the original size, hole diameter than the original size grinding large 1 mm welding repair or replacement.
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