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        pellet machine parts
        Feed machinery equipment and related spare parts include: ring die, bearing, cylinder, hammer, belts, scraper chain, winnowing pan, elevator and so on. ShuangHe granulating machine accessories, stable chemical composition, heat treatment process is reasonable, good abrasion resistance, high strength, quality assurance, welcome consultation discussion.

                              Small ring die                                                Ring die                                                                                 The finale

                                    Hollow shaft                                                     The main shaft                                                              Eccentric shaft

        Shandong ShuangHe machinery is set trade, technical services in the integration of mechanical professional integrated company, the bearings, power transmission and automation products research and development and sales have been at the forefront of technological innovation and high efficiency and energy saving, and in the field of high-performance materials and energy-efficient power transmission has a wide range of professional knowledge. The company in line with "strives for realism the innovation, and pioneering spirit" of purpose, intensify the development of potential products, increase the conversion rate of high and new technology, to strengthen the internal management of science degree, as feed machinery industry, biomass industry and fertilizer industry technology leader.


        Address:Leling West Side High-tech Industrial Park, Shandong, China